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    We provide engineering services, procurement & logistics, amongst others, to a wide range of customers including both independent and major oil and gas companies

    Engineering, Mechanical & Piping Works

    Tailored to offshore projects. In association with our strategic offshore partners, Loy Group can provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond the EPC scope to include mechanical & piping works of the heavy offshore pipelines, facilities, and vessels required by most offshore clientele.

    Procurement and logistics

    Loyz offers a range of services to suit a variety of procurement needs. Our Day-to-Day service deals with one-off requirements and supports customers with our expertise. Our procurement Service encompasses administration, logistics, purchasing, and commission needs from start to finish.


    Loyz energy has established itself as a leader among its counterparts in the trading of oil and gas products as we continue to improve capacity and extend our areas of expertise. We have built relationships with some of the biggest players in the global oil industry and we have a solid network of local contacts in the country.


    We believe a learning organisation expands its capacity to build the future it desires. Training helps to improve staff capacity to carry out their duties more effectively and reduce the need for sourcing subject matter experts or consultants. We offer a variety of practical, oil and gas industry-focused courses that vary in length, location, and delivery method.