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    Delivering beyond possible solutionsLoyz Group

    We are always working on connecting the Oil and Gas industry to sustainable solutions.


    We have the required expertise and manpower to deliver your projects at the very highest levels of quality.

    02Health and Safety

    Poised to comply with HSE laws and best environmental practices to enhance sustainable growth and development.

    03Operational Policy

    We pursue safe and healthy working conditions, adopting appropriate equipment and systems of work.

    04Quality service

    Proactively utilize corperate resources and performance based channels to deliver cutting edge operations.
    We're the focusLoyz Group is always interested in new, challenging and exciting projects

    We continue to study industry trends and issues closely, so that we can better understand the challenges that our clients face, and how we can best help them to achieve success. We work closely with other network firms on delivering professional services to companies of all sizes.
    Loyz Values

    Engineering the
    best solutionsEngineer

    We are focused on ensuring the sustainability of the services we provide to a wide range of clients including both independent and major oil and gas companies.

    More from Loyz GroupOur services

    Our main business activities include engineering, mechanical & piping works, procurement and logistics, training and trading including full EPC services for private and public sector clients. Our Chartered Engineers apply Total Engineering throughout the project lifecycle from design development to commissioning and handover.
    Engineering, mechanical & piping works

    Engineering, mechanical & piping works

    Tailored to offshore projects. In association with our strategic offshore partners, Loy Group can provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond the EPC scope to include mechanical & piping works of the heavy offshore pipelines, facilities, and vessels required by most offshore clientele.

    To deliver for our clients, We bring together, all of our strategic assets and those of our partners. This includes fabrication yards, logistical bases, and vessel requirements (Dive Support, Heavy Lift, Pipe-lay, Semi-Submersibles, and Accommodation).

    We aim to support our clients from the early phase of projects right through the entire development of the field, delivering on platforms, pipelines, and subsea field developments, to the decommissioning phase.

    Engineering, mechanical & piping works

    Procurement and logistics

    Procurement and logistics

    Loyz Energy offers a range of services to suit a variety of procurement needs. Our Day-to-Day service deals with one-off requirements and supports customers with our expertise. Our Outsourced Procurement Service encompasses administration, logistics, purchasing and commission needs from start to finish.

    Leveraging our international network and trusted suppliers, our team will locate and secure the required goods or services. We will negotiate rates and confirm the best available prices for the best available products. Anything we procure will be quality assured and handled in a timely and responsive manner.

    Our company utilises its well-established and first-class logistics network to deliver goods around the world, onshore or offshore. Customers may rest assured that our procurement experts will respond to every enquiry swiftly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

    Procurement and logistics



    Loyz energy has established itself as a leader among its counterparts in the trading of oil and gas products as we continue to improve capacity and extend our areas of expertise. We have built relationships with some of the biggest players in the global oil industry and we have a solid network of local contacts in the country.
    The company has developed a strong footing in one of the world's most important oil producing and consuming countries and is strategically positioned to take advantage of the benefits that come with being a Nigerian-owned company, enabling the company to continually surpass revenue expectations. Our trading activities revolves around some of these products; Gasoil, Premium Motor Spirit, Fuel Oil, Liquified Petroleum Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, amongst others.




    We believe a learning organisation expands its capacity to build the future it desires. Training helps to improve staff capacity to carry out their duties more effectively and reduce the need for sourcing subject matter experts or consultants. We offer a variety of practical, oil and gas industry-focused courses that vary in length, location, and delivery method.


    Loyz in brief

    Our value to society is enabling a better, safer, and more interconnected world.
    Oil pumps


    To support the energy value chain with innovative solutions and critical resources in order to resolve the challenges faced in the industry.

    Our robust technology, knowledge-based approach and dedication to quality and safety allow us to provide innovative solutions to every part of the oil and gas industry.

    Why choose us.A Trusted partnership networkLOYZ

    Over the years, we’ve built a culture of service, teamwork, and innovation. With an exceptionally diverse staff and an average tenure filled with expereince, we are proud that people choose us.

    Sourcing goods through our trusted partnership network, we are able to respond to our customers’ orders swiftly and accurately. Providing only the highest quality products and services for the oil and gas industry, Loyz Energy is relied upon to procure, transport, and deliver a complete range of equipment nationwide. This has enabled us to strengthen our reputation and expand our global network.